Lessons from a Misbegotten Mountain Dayhike [Mt. Batolusong/Mapatag Plateau, Tanay Rizal, July 2013]

mapatag plateau

(Mapatag Plateau)

  1. A local guide, no matter how frail-looking, is always stronger and hardier than you.
  2. There seems to be  nationwide conspiracy among mountain guides to grossly underestimate the time required to reach the summit of a mountain.
  3. Time is relative, even in the mountains. The 30 minutes of a guide may actually be an hour and a half for a city slicker.
  4. When looking at PinoyMountaineer’s rating scales, do not be presumptuous and assume you are as fit as Dr. Gideon Lasco.
  5. When hiking a relatively new trail, expect talahib to cover the path
  6. When talahib covers the mountain path, expect cuts on the exposed portions of your arms.
  7. Talahib cuts can be very very painful .
  8. Do not make the mistake of assuming that there would be softdrink stalls along the path of every mountain.
  9. For a newbie hiker, a less  obvious danger in mountaineering is dehydration.
  10. A grand view from the heights of the mountain will make all the physical hardships worthwhile.
  11. When a misbegotten mountain sortie makes you feel stupid, always remember that being a living hiker who feels stupid is infinitely preferable to being a dead hiker who feels nothing at all.
  12. Surviving a mountain hike despite your numerous stupidities is perhaps permission from the Almighty to let you continue with your inept adventures.

rice fields

(Rice Field After Jump-Off )

near the babmboo grove

(Bamboo Grove)


(Drowning in Talahib!)

more talahib!


again more talahib!

(More Talahib!)


(Somewhere in Mt. Batolusong)

view from mapatag plateau

(View from Mapatag Plateau)

view from mapatag plateau (2)

(View from Mapatag Plateau)

view from mapatag plateau (with abandoned shelter)

(View from Mapatag Plateau)

manong guide admiring the view

(View from Mapatag Plateau)

mapatag plateau selfie!

(Mapatag Plateau Selfie!)